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Factory Direct Furniture Wholesaler come to Furniture manufacturer in Jepara Indonesia to get the special price for their Teak furniture commodity. The importer prefer to buy the furniture directly from the factory in order to be able to get the best product and custom order. Then the importer always order continuously to comply the order from the buyer from their country such as the need for Hotel, house, restaurant, villa, café, garden, resort project that those always need luxury furniture in decorating.

Jepara is alreadywell known as supplier for Teak Furniture in wholesale international market. The Importer from Europe, America, Australia, Singapore and etc, has been ordering various furniture to decorate the interior and exterior of the building such as chairs, table, bed, sofa, wardrobe, buffet, lounge, bench, dining set, garden set and etc. Most of the product are made from teak wood that familiar with the best quality and luxury of timber. So, the Teak Furniture become the most hunted furniture in wholesale international trading.

Teak Furniture Company is experienced years in supplying furniture for wholesaler in international market. We also help the customer to decide the custom order. Then we offer help to ship the purchasing the furniture to destination place safely and completed by legal document. It belong to commitment by every furniture supplier from Jepara to present the best quality furniture in every room and place in worldwide.

Let visit the gallery to find the beautiful furniture to purchase. Factory Direct Furniture Wholesaler is best choice to make furniture business grow up. Buy furniture direct from Factory can get the special price and get a lot of included facilities. We are ready to partner in supplying only the best products to the wholesaler. It becomes the wholesaler can get maximum profit when they sell the furniture products in their country.

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