The Best Recycled Furniture for You


Do you look for Recycled Furniture for your house or other place such as ballroom hotel, restaurant, and patio? Just put your choice to the furniture product that produced from Indonesia. Jepara is small town in central Java Indonesia that famous as original manufacturer for new furniture and Recycled furniture.

Indonesia also popular as a green country that has many variety of tree which good quality timber. It means, since long ago Indonesia population have made many product from high quality wood such as traditional wood house, ethnic furniture, boat, and etc. Meanwhile the development of science and technology people move to build new building and boat from cement, iron and fiber make the old wood based product have been neglected. Then, when there is eco-green campaign, people think again about the neglected old wood to make new furniture product. Obviously, it is hard wood and still has good structure. People manufacture again the produce new furniture.

In the web gallery, you can find reclaimed dining table, chairs, bench, bed, wardrobe, cupboard, and book case that made from recycling. The appearance of the furniture is very unique. Sometimes, you can still find the original painting with different color on the surface. It look classic and elegant furniture for modern building. It will be something that attract the attention of each people who visit your house. Certainly, they will ask you where you buy the furniture. Of course, you can proud because you have custom furniture that also support the eco-green campaign.

There are various ready Recycled furniture product that already to be purchased. You may also ask custom order that suit to your room. The manufacturer accept consultation about how to select the furniture and suit it with the design of the room. Custom order is good for people who need custom size, design and style of furniture. The teak furniture company has years’ experience in producing custom order from domestic and international buyer and ship the product to the destination address well.