Buy recycled Dining Table and chairs from indonesia


Recycled dining table and chairs is one of recycled furniture that made by Teak Furniture Company. Our company produce new Teak furniture and recycled or reclaimed furniture. Recycled furniture is made from old wood that come from disassembled of old furniture, old house, old bridge, broken boat, railway slipper, and etc. The old wood is selected, then it is assembled using new design and style to make new furniture that can be used again in your room. The Recycled furniture is unique, and artistic in decorating room.

Recycled wood can be used to make Recycled Dining Table and chairs. Dining table and chairs are furnishing that placed in dining room and useful for having breakfast, lunch and dinner by family. Dining table set which made from reclaimed wood is very unique. The part of boat, and other part of old furniture that has different paint are arranged and assembled well that produce wide and large thick board that become the table and chairs. The Recycled table has different color block which it is the original paint that hold out. So, that is the superiority of Recycled furniture meanwhile it also enough strong and comfortable.

Don’t worry about the structure of recycled furniture. It is made from only selected hard wood and actually the wood come from old tree formerly. The Recycled furniture is free from termite and durable from all weather. It is unique feature inside the recycled furniture.

Recycled dining table and chairs is suitable to place at your home. You also support the eco-green campaign and save the environment because it decrease the cut down trees which timber is main material of furniture. Your family, neighbor, and friends who come to your house will be interested and enjoy in your house. Recycled Furniture become unique furnishing to decorate either classic or modern interior or exterior. It is long lasting beautiful decorating for live.