Jepara Indonesia Teak Garden Furniture Manufacturer

Garden Furniture

Jepara Indonesia Teak Garden Furniture Manufacturer always export and supply many kind of Teak Furniture products for house, restaurant, hotel, café, and office to worldwide. The furniture support outdoor and indoor function such as for bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, patio, garden, dining room, and office purpose. The Furniture set such as wardrobe, table, chairs, cupboard, bench, desk, and room decoration can find in Jepara furniture gallery.

Jepara Indonesia Teak Garden Furniture Manufacturer has years’ experience in processing wood into luxury furniture. They have special skill in wood carving, designing the product and finishing. The Furniture product has exclusive result because the manufacturing use Teak timber that use selective process. The Teak Furniture Company also give chance to the buyer to make custom order. This is the furniture company commitment to support the furniture trade in worldwide.

The destination country for the furniture product from Jepara is like United State, United Kingdom, China, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Singapore and others. Most of them buy the Teak Furniture in big parties and use custom order. The importer usually fulfill the design and style from the buyer such as French, British, Spanish, Chinese and many other. Then it becomes the manufacturer task to accomplish the order appropriate with the order design. By the expert skill from the Jepara carpenter, the Teak Furniture result has unique furniture design that match with the culture buyer.

The Teak Furniture manufacturer over there also offer the full art decoration furniture. The products are especially designed to decorate and make the indoor or outdoor more life with unique and artistic ornaments. The manufacturing company also guarantee the customer satisfaction by giving the best product with detail quality control, legal document, and other facilities to ensure the furniture product shipped safely and arrive to destination in good condition. Those are total commitment to give the best to the world.