Indonesian Legal Wood in jepara to our company

Hutan Jati Perhutani

Indonesian Legal Wood has given certificate to our company (Teak Furniture) to all our wood products. The verification is needed by Furniture Company who want to export the wood products to worldwide market. Because there is rule if only wood products that has had SVLK which can enter to the imported country. The certificate guarantees if all products must be manufactured professionally only use legal timber.
Indonesian Government strictly concern to verify the wood products that made in Indonesia and give certificate to ensure if the wood products trade not to break the law and save. This is caused by the high demand of wood furniture industry that need the timber such as Teak Wood, Sungkai Wood to become the main material. Timber is produced by tree in the forest. The high demand of timber caused illegal logging for supplying the industries. Then uncontrolled deforestation can cause seriously damaged environment. So, the law to protect the forest is needed. Timber must has legal document that show if it is produced by legal logging.

Indonesian Legal Wood is designed to require every wood furniture company to only use legal timber in manufacturing process. The legal wood is good material to produce the best furniture and good design furniture. The products can get V- legal document for timber that support export for many countries. This rule can decrease the illegal logging that support wood furniture industry in the world commerce.

Our company commit to always use legal wood for manufacturing all products. The products only are manufacturing by the best quality timber such as Teak Wood to produce Teak Furniture We also always enclose the V-document in every export to guarantee the quality of the products. This is our commitment in keeping the environment, encouraging the conservation and creating the better life.