Indonesia Furniture Imports


There are various Indonesia Furniture Import which people can get from Furniture Company web page online. Jepara Furniture has been popular as the source of Imported Indonesia Furniture that sold in wholesale international market. Many variety of stylish design and exotic look makes the Indonesia Furniture Import become the best quality commodity for international trading.

Teak Furniture Company in Jepara Indonesia offer already various design furniture and custom order. We produce indoor and outdoor furnishing for house, hotel, restaurant, café, office, garden, and etc. Those are like bedroom set, living room set, office furnishing, garden furnishing, kitchen set, dining table set, patio, and etc. all products are design with artistic style, and we also accept the custom order. Find our collection in web gallery and make your order to start your business. We are Indonesia Furniture Import Company that can give best price that support the wholesale trading. We are in Jepara, Central Java Indonesia which the place of the original Indonesia Furniture Imports are manufactured.

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Indonesia Furniture Import Company accept custom order with custom requirement. The material can be used such as Teak Wood, Mahogany wood, and etc. We can make various design such as European furniture, American furniture, Asian furniture, and African furniture in various elegant style. We also accept custom order that use sculpture, and caving whereas Jepara is well known for the wood furniture carving. Our company is trusted in making the international order and shipping the furniture product to the destination country safely. We always include legal document every shipping to ensure the legality of the products. It is the high commitment to serve the customer either from domestic and international well. Now please find the furniture model that you want in our gallery and contact us to make your order. The buyer also can visit our gallery in Jepara Indonesia Furniture Import to know deeply about our manufacturing.