Request Warranty

If you find any damage to the products of indoor furniture and outdoor furniture you ordered, we’ll make it right to repair or replace the damaged components if possible to fix.
If it can not be repaired we will replace in the next order for free without additional charge. Give a discount if the product can be repair.

With the Following conditions:
  • Warranty valid for 4 months start from the date of shipping containers.
  • Send by email for clear Explanations & Clear Photos minimum as four positions of the image.
  • Accessories missing or damaged and rusty.
  • Damage to the wood glue connection.
  • broken items caused by the arrangement of delivery time of goods in containers.
  • We will replace the damage or give a discount on the next container reservation and not valid for cash refund without any further order on next shipping.
  • Please keep the original box, packing material, and damaged product until you have received a response back from us with instruction on how to proceed.